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glitch 15-04-2020 03:24 PM

Picture Book...Germany's Far North-East and North Poland
A loose collection of 2 weeks worth of places, towns, National Parks, coast, historic cities and odds+ends along the German and Polish Baltic Coasts and Islands, where each topic or place starts with a map (and the matching Gmap link) followed by pics and info

One stand-alone breakout section is Peenemuende, the WW2 Nazi Rocket Development Site on the island of Usedom, which is within the same general area.
Here :

Sept 2019

...and a family visit turning into day-trips and a week of northern Poland (coast and inland).

Swapping the usual helmets and gloves for hiking-boots and rental-SUV didn't mean we'd stick to Autobahns and tourist traps.

Though...the Autobahns can be some fun, too.
After nearly 40hrs on planes and airports around half the globe it's time to de-numb the brain.

Hogging the slow-lane after making room for a blitzing VW-Transporter on the A20 from Berlin to Greifswald and the Baltic Coast.


glitch 15-04-2020 04:01 PM

Re: Picture Book...Germany's Far North-East and North Poland
Wolgast,, next to the old University-town of Greifswald is just on the other side of the Usedom-Island channel.

A recommendable and somewhat quirky, little historic place to avoid the high tourist $$-rates at Peenemuende.


Wolgast Postel...a sort of Glam-Packer in the historic and ornate old Post-Office of the town.

....and a neat, old town draped around it.

Being the former Communist East Germany, there HAS to be a Trabbi (Trabant) around (the little plastic-bodied East German 2-stroke "Peoples' Car")
This one sadly just started moving, so it got a bit blurry.

Wolgast...nice spot! :hi

glitch 15-04-2020 04:06 PM

Re: Picture Book...Germany's Far North-East and North Poland
National Nature Reserve Ivanacker Oaks


A cluster of up-to 1000y/o oaks in a nature park at the edge of a cute, old town. Beautiful spot for a wander around.


Not shy....the locals.

glitch 22-04-2020 02:08 PM

Re: Picture Book...Germany's Far North-East and North Poland
Bodden Coast (Pomerania, Germany)


A slow afternoon in the coastal flats of the Bodden Coast nature reserves, home of the cranes...

The old Barhoeft Watchtower, now re-purposed as a wedding-venue.

Many of the small byways are just twin-track concrete....and most of those going back to the '40s/'50s communist times.

Watch tower or hunters-seat, it didn't say, but the gun-prop said enough.

....and digging up some prized parts of the German Avenue Road.

glitch 22-04-2020 02:09 PM

Re: Picture Book...Germany's Far North-East and North Poland
Ruegen Island...Altefaehr


A quick sticky-beak to check how Stralsund foreshore looks from across the Strela Sound, the shallow Narrows between Mainland the island of Ruegen.
Altefaehr translates into Old Ferry...the ferry port to get to the island in ancient times.
Which was replaced by a hinged bridge to allow ships into the sound...paralleled by the 2007 high-clearance Ruegen bridge.

A rich, old coastal trading town...and it still sort of shows. They just never got those church-towers to last any length of time :D


St. Mary's Church (German: Marienkirche) is a large Lutheran church located in Stralsund, northern Germany.[1] Built some time before 1298, it is architecturally Gothic, an example of the brick gothic style prevalent in northern Germany. Between 1549 and 1647, it was the tallest building in the world at 151 metres (495 ft) tall, excepting the interval 1569–1573 between the completion and collapse of the tower of Beauvais Cathedral.

The bell tower collapsed in 1382, and was rebuilt by 1478. In 1495, the steeple tower blew down during a severe storm, and was then rebuilt taller. This was subsequently struck by lightning in 1647, and burned down, and was rebuilt as a baroque dome, which, completed in 1708, can be seen today. The tower is currently 104 metres (341 ft) tall.

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